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Dr. Nazlie Latefi on the Meat Mafia Podcast

Segment 1:

Host: Welcome to Austin, welcome to the Meat Mafia podcast. We are so excited to have you. This is long overdue. We've gotten to know each other through a number of different ways, but so excited to have you on the show.

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Thank you guys so much. I'm so excited to be here. Yeah, our paths crossed in various different ways and it's awesome.

Host: We had a mutual friend that connected us. It was actually the fall of last year. I think you were at the Westin, Nasi was at the Westin Price conference, and then I forget her name from Force of Nature, but she was like, "I think that you would really connect well with the founders of this brand, Biovanta."

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Yes, and you were the first person that really exposed us to the over-the-counter flu industry. It was so interesting because we take autonomy over the food we put in our system, but you started teaching us about the ingredient standards and all the behind-the-scenes things that go on in the over-the-counter cold and flu space, and it absolutely blew our minds. And since then, you've taught us about immunity, all these different topics, and so we're pumped to dig into all of that.

Host: Before we get into the good questions, I wanted to read the listeners just like the "About Us" page on the Biovanta website, which is your company, because I think it's super powerful and it really speaks to the mission that you guys are on. It's titled "The Question That Changed Everything." Our journey began with a question that many have asked but few have dared to answer: "Why is it this way? Why, despite advances in science and technology and increasing demand for natural products, are we still relying on over-the-counter remedies that are often ineffective and filled with hidden, potentially harmful ingredients?"

Segment 2:

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): That's exactly the question we asked ourselves. We were shocked to find out that most over-the-counter medications for cold and flu were developed between the 1930s and 1950s. The technology is outdated, and the FDA has been slow to update its monographs, which are the guidelines for over-the-counter medications.

Host: That's fascinating. So you're saying that the FDA hasn't updated its guidelines for decades?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Exactly. And that's why you see the same old products on the shelves. They're grandfathered in, and it's a bureaucratic nightmare to get them to acknowledge new information.

Host: So what does Biovanta do differently?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): We focus on addressing the root cause of symptoms, not just masking them. Our New & Improved line, for example, is designed for more severe symptoms and active coughing. It targets inflammation at its source.

Segment 3:

Host: That's really interesting. So you're saying that most over-the-counter medications are just masking symptoms rather than treating the root cause?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Exactly. And that's why we developed our New & Improved line. It's the only natural over-the-counter drug created for more severe cold symptoms and lingering coughs. We aim to teach the body to play offense rather than defense.

Host: Can you elaborate on the natural ingredients used in Biovanta's products?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Certainly. We use aspirin derived from willow bark, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. We also use other natural ingredients that work synergistically to counteract inflammation. Our formula is designed to be both effective and natural.

Segment 4:

Host: It's great to hear that you're committed to natural alternatives. What do you think about the current state of research in this area?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): I think there's a lot of great research coming out, but the problem is that it's not always focused on solving major issues. Sometimes it's more about adding to existing knowledge rather than addressing the root problems.

Host: So you think the focus should be more on solving real-world problems?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Absolutely. We need more research on how to make healthy foods more affordable, for example. A lot of people eat unhealthy foods because they're cheaper. We should be using science to address issues like this.

Segment 5:

Host: Speaking of consumer demand, do you see Biovanta being acquired by a larger company as the demand for natural products grows?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): While that's a possibility, our primary focus is on building consumer awareness and staying true to our mission. We're not in this just to be acquired; we're in this to make a real difference.

Host: That's really admirable. So what's next for Biovanta?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): We're constantly researching and developing new products. Our Immunity line, for example, is a drug-free, everyday supplement designed to prevent and protect from cold symptoms. We're also looking into expanding into other areas of health and wellness.

Segment 6:

Host: What gets you the most excited about Biovanta's future?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): What gets us most excited is really helping people and empowering them to make healthier choices. We're focused on a mind shift change to make life better and healthier for everyone.

Host: That's amazing. Where can people find you?

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): The best way to find us is on our website. We're also available in well-known retailers like CVS and Walgreens, and you can find us on Amazon.

Host: Fantastic. It's been great having you on the show. You've provided a lot of valuable insights.

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Thank you. It's been a pleasure, and we're excited about the great things we're going to do together.

Host: Absolutely, thank you for coming on the show.

Guest (Dr. Nazlie): Thank you, it's been great.


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