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“If you keep looking at problems in a linear way and doing what everyone's done before, it’s not going to give you new results. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look at a problem with fresh eyes.”

Nazlie Latefi, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder
Applied Biological Laboratories

I was born and raised on an island off the coast of New York and grew up immersed in the serenity of nature. My weekends were filled with exploration, fostering a sense of discovery and my parents, who were immigrants to the US instilled in me a love for science and holistic remedies, nurturing my curiosity and a drive to challenge conventional wisdom.

At Northwestern University, I discovered my real passion was in deep, purposeful scientific research. My journey led to a Ph.D. in neuroscience, studying adhesion molecules. But it was in 2009, amid a bird flu outbreak, that I had my 'aha' moment.

Our vision required extensive research and testing, particularly on human respiratory tissues derived from stem cells. Our success laid the foundation for Biovanta, born out of a desire to innovate in the field of cold care, long stagnant and reliant on outdated remedies.

At Biovanta, we harness natural bioactives, blending the wisdom of nature with advanced science. Our goal is to offer a new way to care for health, breaking free from traditional, often damaging, cold treatments. 

Scientifically designed for everyday protection against colds and flu, Biovanta might just become the most important part of your health ritual.

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