About Biovanta

  • What is Biovanta?
  • Where is Biovanta sold and how much does it cost?
  • What is in Biovanta?
  • How is aspirin beneficial in such a small dose? And why is it not beneficial in larger doses?
  • How does Biovanta work differently than other OTC Cough/Cold/Sore Throat products?
  • How can Biovanta be labeled “Made From 100% Natural Ingredients” if it’s an OTC drug?
  • How is Biovanta taken?
  • Why does the Biovanta spray require assembly?
  • Does Biovanta contain alcohol?
  • Does Biovanta contain sugar?
  • Do your products contain wheat or gluten?
  • Do your products contain shellfish?
  • Do your products contain dairy or eggs?
  • Is Biovanta safe to use past its expiration date?
  • Is Biovanta tested on animals?

Biovanta Product Use

  • Is Biovanta safe to use while pregnant or breast feeding?
  • How often can I take Biovanta?
  • Is it safe to give Biovanta to my children?
  • How do you activate the Biovanta spray?
  • My spray is clogged…what should I do?
  • Are there any side effects associated with taking Biovanta?

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