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Health Care Providers

Biovanta stands at the cutting edge of research, pioneering solutions that target inflammation at its source and emphasize the significance of mucosal immunity. Our commitment extends beyond product development to encompass education, ensuring healthcare professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, we proudly offer CME (Continuing Medical Education) opportunities for verified physicians at no charge. Trust in Biovanta's science for enhanced patient outcomes and join us in advancing healthcare.

The Biovanta™ Superiority Study Results

Inflammation and pain are well documented cold symptoms that can be directly measured. Biomarkers for inflammation and pain measured up to 48 hours after viral stimulation indicate the body’s inflammatory response. The following are the results of a blind randomized placebo-controlled study measuring prostaglandin (E2) in human respiratory cells. The main function of prostaglandin is to trigger the immune inflammatory response when under siege by pathogens. In measuring the health of cells, the amount of prostaglandin can be used as a precise biomarker for inflammation, irritation and pain, or otherwise expressed as the symptoms of sore throat and cough. As shown below, Biovanta is ONLY product that eliminates upper respiratory inflammation due to viral infections while helping the respiratory system to recover.