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Dr. Nazlie Latefi on the Stay Off My Operating Table w/ Dr. Philip Ovadia

Many of the available medicines for respiratory problems only treat the symptoms, but hardly the root cause.  Additionally, after many decades of use, some of these medications have been proven to include ineffective ingredients. This prompted Dr. Nazlie Latefi, the founder of Applied Biological Laboratories and the brain behind Biovanta, to seek an innovative approach to target the underlying issue: inflammation. 

In this episode, she discusses 

  • the differences between acute and chronic inflammation
  • the startling effects of commonly used sore throat products
  • the unexpected benefits of using ingredients found in nature, including the role of aspirin and other COX inhibitors in managing respiratory issues.

With their research-backed all-natural product, the impact of Biovanta seems nothing short of revolutionary as it addresses inflammation itself as well as repair after the inflammation.

With their goal to find effective treatment for pandemics, Applied Biological Laboratories has taken a significant leap forward to provide better treatments for respiratory problems.


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