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Winter Travel & Cold Prevention Tips: Dr. Nazlie Latefi Featured on KWGN 2 Colorado

Winter is here and that means cold and flu season is in full swing. So whether you're traveling this winter or looking for ways to stay healthy and fight the flu, we know just the person to help you out here to share prevention, tips and help you with your family to stay healthy during the holiday season. Beyond it is Dr. Nazlie Latefi. 

We're excited to have you on today to talk about this really important topic right? 
Yeah, very, very important. Thank you so much for having and delighted to be here.

So first, tell us about yourself and your career if you could. 
Sure, of and then my scientific training on self-service molecules. So that's just a fancy way of saying the molecules that are on the outside of the cells and help them communicate. And those molecules are also used as receptors or docking sites for viruses our floating in the air landed a nose and throat start to impact us. That's basically my training we started our but eagle laboratories several years before covid. 

And your go-to tips. you have quite a few of them go to tips and tricks to families healthy this season. Can you give us just a few of them that people can really take away as they start to hop on flights and see a lot of people during the holidays?
Yeah, it so the most important thing is to remember that viruses are in the air. You can see and they are going to land in your nose and throat make you sick. So the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to work by what's called your barrier immunity. So that's the lining of the nose and throat. And our first it comes a spray as well is and it has a very unique technology to help boost your barrier and unity, and it basically does that by making the stronger. So making the lining of your nose and throat a stronger and those are the areas where the virus vying to. if you're barriers strong enough, the viruses will get through and it will make you sick and you probably be asymptomatic. It's a term that we've you know, many times over years of covid pandemic. a lot of people have the virus and there isn't an attic that's just because the virus hasn't made them it could have been there and their body, but it without going into a high state inflammation because they unity.




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