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Mucosal Immunity

Why Aspirin?


Thoughtful Ingredients, Powerful Impact

Lysozyme: A potent protein celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

Isomalt: A sugar substitute derived from natural sources, offering a sweet taste without the calories.

Aloe Vera: Nature's anti-inflammatory powerhouse, adept at inhibiting bradykinin.

Natural Flavors: Authentic taste profiles sourced directly from nature's bounty.

Wintergreen Oil: A fragrant oil with therapeutic properties, often used for its soothing effects.

Lactoferrin: A natural protein renowned for its immune-enhancing and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Natural Menthol: A soothing antitussive agent, naturally extracted from mint leaves.

Plant-Based Cox Inhibitors: Biovanta's choice of natural anti-inflammatory, harnessed from plants for optimal immunity.


Biovanta's Targeted Approach

Inflammation is the body's natural response to threats like infections, but unchecked inflammation exacerbates cold and flu symptoms. While essential in fighting pathogens, excessive inflammation can prolong illness and increase vulnerability. Biovanta targets inflammation at its source, ensuring a balanced immune response. By managing inflammation without suppressing it, we aim to prevent prolonged symptoms and complications. Our focus is on optimizing the body's defense without compromising recovery.

Mucosal Immunity

first line of defense

Mucosal immunity is the body's protective barrier in areas like the nose and respiratory tract. Biovanta prioritizes this defense mechanism, understanding its role in protection. Unlike competitors, our products target and bolster this essential immunity, addressing inflammation at its source. We're dedicated to enhancing the body's natural defenses the right way.

Why Plant-Based Aspirin?

Efficacy Rooted in Nature

Biovanta harnesses the power of natural aspirin, a potent plant-based anti-inflammatory agent, for enhanced immunity. Aspirin is the only medication that acts directly on the inflammatory pathway responsible for cold and flu symptoms. It is also the only medicine known to increase powerful repair molecules called resolvins. Our approach prioritizes efficacy and natural integrity, offering a better alternative to medicines that don’t address the root cause and to chemically-based aspirin found in other products.